Youtube Channel: RobCot

Currently paused while I build my other YouTube channel. This channel was used to start an online prescense for short docos and aldo develop editing skills for "T is for Tiny".

Creative Direction: Rob Cot

Editing and cinematography: Rob Cot

Client: Personal Work

Categories: YouTube, Video Editing, Tiny Home, Animation,  Personality.

Ep04 | I explore what it means to tell story and learn a few things in the process.


Ep03 | I look into how 'Universal Language' is expressed in freestyle dance to help shooting an engaging small dance documentary for Ep05 or 06


Ep02 | I explain how my first season is shared with a "tiny home build" and follow up Sam from Ep01 to find out how the cogs are performing.


Ep01 | Story/doco following how I 3d printed a cog to help repair a screen-printer machine.