Photoshop Challenge: Artstation

Matte-painting is a technique that blends existing photos into a 'complete' image to tell a story. Using Photoshop, I collage'd nature photos together telling the story of a totem society living in a mountain hole in Venezuela. Process work below. Full blog post here.

Categories: Digital Painting, Matte-Painting, CGI

Final Product


I usually develop a story-concept before creating an image. This helps with design decisions:
"Inspired by "Cerro SarisariƱama", I wanted to explore how society would structure as we descended the hole on a giant linear structure. I thought upper class's would live higher on the stack and lower classes were found as we descended its depth, ending with a prison below and a morbid pit for the dead. I imagined traditional practices of ascending the structure to the shrine at its head for monthly rituals and what plants would grow as temperature changes and lighting conditions changes."

before and after.