spuhng-kee  /  adjective

Determination, liveliness, the ability to carry on with good cheer and strong heart.


Actions say more. Let me share some.


Team culture is my jam and workshops my bread. Seeing these spread into companies, projects and people is delicious. Here's a time-lapse

Simply, I like helping. This is me giving away stocks. The video variety. All 150k+ downloads and counting.

Co-labbing on growth. Like a plant but without the stillness. I love developing ideas and seeing our results come out as creativity or success for fellow plants.
I grew this

Comfy. I make people feel relaxed. I’ll make you feel relaxed, care free and willing to spill your beans. Watch my demeanor

I learn damn fast. I enjoy it. It's my love for teaching and sharing skills. See my video on Linked-In

Approachable. Try it. Message me on email or my pref, Linked-In


Lastly, brains. I use them. Just like you.
I look forward to braining with you soon.



“Rob’s warmth and random tangents fit in particularly well in the creative crew at BlueRock; his passion for building inspirational spaces and communities was contagious and I look forward to working with him again in the future.”

Asher Terpestra. Creative Strategist, BlueRock.

Rob ran an excellent workshop that helped me to identify professional challenges and develop measurable goals to help me overcome them. I would highly recommend these awesome workshops to both teams and individuals looking to get shit done.”

Sam Roberts. Content Writer.


What is it you actually do, Rob? 

Well, fantastic ideas are the biz. I help you find and develop ones that delight both your staff and your audience using content production and consultation. Think of me as an intrapreneur.


I run a design brief workshops with you, your team or your client.

It usually starts with an online play-space interaction that quickly:
+ identify problems
+ generates and prioritises ideas
+ generates action from solutions with minimal discussion

It's also great for aligning a team, making snap decisions and ending long meetings with endless discussion.


I work with a crack team to produce content from what's discovered, usually media, marketing and socials.

By following up with reviews, we hit the sweet spot you, your staff and your audience crave.

Full Services:
+ 1 hour retrospective workshops that visualise team progress all with minimal discussion
+ Longer workshops on brand identity, customer journey, market positioning and strategy
+ Modular building design
+ Product design: Commercial kitchen and bars
+ Product strategy, user experience design and user interface design
+ Web design
+ SEO Consulting
+ Video production with content stacking
+ Videography and editing
+ Podcasting
+ Comedy writing
+ Voice acting
+ Photography (portraits, products and events)
+ Creative and art direction
+ 3D modeling and rendering
+ Photo-real illustration
+ Content writing
+ Graphic design


and you've worked with?...

Businesses and individuals like you! I have helped big names like Nike, Monash University, Telstra, Country Fire Authority, Forestry Stewardship Council, Harvey Norman as well as smaller folks like startups, professionals, local councils, and design agencies.


Linked-In                | @CotRob - Professional Profile.
Youtube Channel    | @TisforTiny - Structured vlog series on building a container home.
Pexels                    | @Rob-Cot - Free stock video and photography.
Instagram               | @RobStops - Stopping to appreciate the small things through smart phone photography.
Instagram               | @thumb_art - digital art work that inspires me.

Webinar/Video: What is a CG artist? - I share the process of visualizing a virus for Monash University, and how my CG skills are applicable to a corporate workplace. Presented at BlueRock.